Innovations like Virtual reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality has given India the ability to meet the technology Standards of the developed countries.

Now it’s high time that we took another step forward in this direction. Our start up aims to introduce XR, a technology that brings all three Reality (AR, VR, MR) together under one term. XR is not just a replacement for other media like TV or the web but a transformative medium and a teleportation platform. XR aims to bring users closer to the content. It aims to eliminate the gap between real and virtual by merging both to the extent where virtual can be as effective as real to the users

Extended reality aims to end distance and therefore provides convenience and cuts cost. Also in the field of education extended reality promotes learning engagement and therefore creates more interest in learning and is a far better approach as compared to the conventional methods of teaching. When it comes to online shopping, one thing that is lacking is the option of trying the clothes before buying, the process of purchasing, delivering, trying on, returning and refund creates a hassle but XR provides users to try on clothes virtually. This is just the tip of the iceberg. XR has the ability to provide experiences to users that were impossible or very expensive in reality. It can provide the feel of being at places that are impossible to reach in reality. In a few words, after XR people will have the power to practical bring everything to them.

XR define Experiences

Fantast and Play

Exploration and Travel

Live Events

Art and Creation

Shopping and Fashion

Extended reality is the only solution to all the problems that VR and AR could not solve and therefore it is the only way forward. The experiences that XR can provide cannot be accomplished by any another tool in the current times. The applications of XR are revolutionary and indispensable.

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